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19 Nov by MetaPlus in Uncategorized

‘I just really feel OK with it’: Caleb Kelly walks away from OU football with his head held high

Through all the phone calls, addressing his team, the interviews recounting his career and the injury that now ended it, the OU linebacker kept it together. He’s been through this enough to be past that, even if there’s much more finality this time around. Read more at:
19 Nov by MetaPlus in Uncategorized

White House highlights provisions in Build Back Better Act after House passage

The White House continued to tout the House passage of President Biden’s sweeping Build Back Better Act on Friday, with press secretary Jen Psaki highlighting its provisions as she kicked off the daily briefing.  Read more at:
19 Nov by MetaPlus in Uncategorized

Trump’s ire grows as DeSantis’ popularity with Republicans takes off

(CNN)In a matter of months, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has gone from being a shining example in Donald Trump's eyes of a MAGA leader molded in his image to an average politician who forgot his roots as he rose to Republican stardom. Read more at:
19 Aug by Michael Heinbach in NFL

When Mangini Calls Out The Browns in Public, It’s Time To Panic

There were far too few positives for the Cleveland Browns to build on in Saturday’s preseason-opening 17-0 defeat at the hands of the Green Bay Packers. Both the offensive and defensive lines were dominated, Brady Quinn and Derek Anderson, fighting to establish themselves as a No. 1 quarterback, floundered. Costly penalties ...
19 Aug by Deb Lagarde in NFL

Brett Favre to the Vikings: So Much for Early Preseason Predictions

In my last article for Bleacher Report, I warned readers about making their preseason predictions without knowing all the facts. This is what I wrote: "You can't assume the rosters at the beginning of preseason will be the same as rosters at the start of the season. See 2008, Chad Pennington ...
19 Aug by Michael Schlossberg in NFL

David Tyree Will Not Make The New York Giants in 2009

Think back to February 3rd, 2008. Any Giants fan can tell you their exact reaction to David Tyree's fourth quarter performance and more specifically, what some call the greatest play in Super Bowl history. If you were to ask Giants fans if you thought that the last catch he would ...
19 Aug by Alan Lupiani in NFL

Brandon Marshall to Become Poker Dealer

Here's the latest on troubled NFL star, Denver Broncos WR Brandon Marshall: My embedded NFL source has just revealed to me that Marshall, generally unhappy over the last year or so, has recently found God and happiness at a poker table in Las Vegas! That's right, the multi-talented Broncos WR experienced this ...
19 Aug by Illya Harrell in NFL

No NFL For Me This Year: Besides Very Limited Occasions

Alright, I used to be one of "those guys" who would get up at the break of dawn—well, not really.  But I would damn sure set the alarm in time to make coffee by the time the ESPN pregame show started.  I'd get decked out in my Redskin furbelow (okay, "furbelow" was's "word of ...
19 Aug by Eric Samulski in NFL

Past His Prime: An Ineffective Brett Favre Is No Longer Worth the Hassle

Each sport has one. Basketball had Michael Jordan. Boxing had Evander Holyfield. Football has Brett Favre. Legends of their sport who are unable to hang 'em up. Sometimes the offense isn't outrageous. Jordan was the best basketball player of all time, and as the team owner, he felt he could still play ...
19 Aug by Sean Fearon in NFL

The Curious Case of Shaun Alexander: What Happened to Him?

I sort of remember this guy. He was a running back for some team, somewhere. He was pretty good, I think. He won some sort of award, MVP or something. Yeah, now I remember him. He had 100 rushing touchdowns and almost 10,000 career rushing yards. Three Pro Bowls and the 2005 ...
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