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19 Aug by The Rant in NFL

He’s Baaaack: Brett Favre Signs with Minnesota Vikings

Today Brett Favre signed a two-year, $25 million contract with the Minnesota Vikings, three weeks after head coach Brad Childress’ imposed deadline for Favre to arrive to camp.Favre's signing might come as a surprise to some, but for many experts, it was expected. Brett Favre has notoriously been known for ...
19 Aug by Lars Hanson in NFL

Are the Seattle Seahawks Not Dunn Signing a RB?

That old song, "Backfield in Motion" still rings true in the current NFL. With the Eagles adding Michael Vick to McNabb and Westbrook, their backfield is in complete motion. The Seattle Seahawks can be added to that list. They currently have Julius Jones, who is their starting RB, T.J Duckett, and ...
19 Aug by kevin roberts in NFL

Minnesota Vikings Are the Final Missing Piece for Brett Favre

You can talk about deja vu, waffling, retirement, the Packers, betrayal, or legacies all you want. None of that changes what's about to happen to the NFL in 2009. While we probably all thought we knew what we were getting from Brett Favre as a Packer for 16 seasons, we had a ...
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