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19 Aug by kevin roberts in NFL

2009 Buffalo Bills: Five Things to Watch For

The Buffalo Bills started 2008 red-hot, but stumbled to their third straight 7-9 season under Dick Jauron down the stretch, putting his future on the line, while keeping the so-called "sleeper" Bills from the playoffs for yet another season. While Trent Edwards has shown glimpses of talent that's still good enough ...
19 Aug by kevin roberts in NFL

Minnesota Vikings Are the Final Missing Piece for Brett Favre

You can talk about deja vu, waffling, retirement, the Packers, betrayal, or legacies all you want. None of that changes what's about to happen to the NFL in 2009. While we probably all thought we knew what we were getting from Brett Favre as a Packer for 16 seasons, we had a ...